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Pratyahara Workshop

Pratyahara is not just introversion or reflection; it is a bridge for the mind between the outer and inner worlds.

In this workshop we will explore various techniques in a systematic way aiming to have a tangible glimpse of this state so we can cultivate and sustain the experience when we want or need to.

The concept and experience of pratyahara was explored and understood long before Patanjali placed it as the 5th limb in the 8-fold path of Raja Yoga.

As a state of consciousness, it has long been explored by yogis and considered essential on the path, yet in the general practice of yoga today it’s overlooked, perhaps through a lack of understanding of what it is, how to experience it and what to do when we get there.

The experience of pratyahara allows the mind to breathe, to experience space, to resolve its issues and conflicts, to change its patterns, to find clarity without effort, to get to know itself.

It is not an easy journey but is most precious! There are also many physical and physiological benefits of being in a pratyahara state, in addition to it being an essential step on the path of meditation; in fact, meditation is not possible without it.

 By learning how to make this journey we can find balance and harmony in our introverted and extroverted states and in the way we live this life.

This London workshop is now fully booked. Brahmananda is running the same workshop in Saltburn on October 19th. Click here for more details.

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