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Mantra and Meditation Sessions

  • Satyananda Yoga Centre 70 Thurleigh Road (map)

Thursdays, 7:30pm – 9pm

Mantra yoga is possibly the oldest form of yoga known today, yet through a lot of misunderstanding over the ages, the majority of people aren’t aware of its practicality and deeply transformative effects. Far from being a means to express devotion or a mark of a religion, mantras utilise the power of the primal sounds of the Sanskrit language which - when combined with one-pointed awareness and sankalpa, resolve - become the most direct means to transform the quality of our consciousness.

Course details

In this course, you will learn several important mantras from the Vedic and Tantric traditions with an emphasis on correct pronunciation, intonation and mental approach, with advice on how to continue practising at home for maximum benefit. You will also experience the connection between mantras and deeper states of pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), concentration and meditation, with the help of classical yogic meditations such as antar mouna (inner silence), trataka (steady gazing), mudra (psychic gestures for energy management) and yoga nidra (a technique of sensory withdrawal and deep relaxation)

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मनानत्त्रायते इति मन्त्र:

That, by the manana (constant thinking) of which one is released (traayate) from the cycle of birth and death, is mantra

Benefits of the course

First of all, you will learn easy-to-do yet very effective means to destress and relax yourself on a very deep level, allowing you to tap into the inner sources of energy and strength. The practices taught here have been also shown to increase the ability to focus, store and retain memory and help resolve subconscious mental conflicts that limit our ability to feel ease, joy and creativity in life.

Second, you will see how the different practices of yoga (asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation etc.) work together in harmony, bringing results that none of them ever could separately. In this way, your understanding of yoga will expand and even practices you are familiar with will get a new meaning, bringing fresh inspiration on your path of self-development.

Third, with the help of recordings provided, you can take elements from the course and add them into your daily routine so that they serve as “capsules” you can take to manage the expressions of your mind and emotions. That said, even if you choose not to follow up the course material at home, you will get a major relief from stress and tension accumulated in the course of your week.

£12 per class.

Email or call Mahesh / 07518 040990 to book your place or to discuss.