Yoga for Men

A new six-week course at the Satyananda Yoga Centre, London

with Mahesh
27 July to 31 August (6 classes), every Thursday 7:30-9:00pm 

A new course in classical yoga based on men’s health needs where you will learn a variety of simple yet efficient practices that you can easily do at home (guidance and practice plans provided).

Aims of the course

  • increase your vitality and stamina
  • energise and remove blockages from the sacral and pelvic regions, leading to better reproductive health
  • help you focus your mind, be more efficient in what you do and in more control of your responses
  • complement your workout – if doing one – by relaxing your muscles and preserving and increasing their suppleness, for a more holistic approach to developing your physique
  • teach you how to de-stress at will, through simple techniques you can practise anywhere
  • provide a great start and inspiration for a positive change in your lifestyle and life in general, thanks to their immediate effects that can be easily sustained.

Every class will include:

  • asana: yogic postures, both as dynamic exercises and classical (static) postures, working on the entire body – the musculoskeletal system, endocrine glands, and internal organs
  • pranayama: breathing techniques for increasing the body’s vitality and balancing the nervous system
  • mudra and bandha: small groups of powerful practices to help vitalise the body and prevent loss of energy as well as strengthen the PC muscle and invigorate the entire pelvic area
  • yoga nidra: a deep relaxation technique that goes a long way to remove deep-rooted physical and mental tensions and, with regular practice, leads to major positive transformation and self-empowerment
  • simple meditative practices that will help you develop heightened awareness of your environment as well as your own thought processes, giving you more control of your daily affairs.

Each session will be recorded (audio) for reference and recordings shared with all students to aid practice at home together with a description of the sequences done in class. Individual guidance will be given upon request.

A lot of material will be covered in this relatively short time, so although walk-in is available, regular attendance is highly recommended.

Suitable for:

All levels of physical ability are welcome to attend; the practices will be suitable for beginner levels and variations will be given to accommodate differences in experience and ability. Please notify me of any notable health conditions such as hypertension, back conditions, injuries etc. in advance.


Single class: £15

Set of three classes: £40

All six classes: £75

Write to for more details and to book.


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