Yoga for balance, strength and harmony in daily life

with Mahesh

Experience the depth of classical yoga and learn simple yet powerful techniques to balance your daily life and encourage more positive and creative directions.


Thursdays, 7:30pm – 9pm
Starting 3rd January until Thursday 14th February 2019 (7-week course)

Course details:

Covering the techniques of mantra (sound vibrations helping the mind to free itself from limiting patterns), shatkarma (cleansing practices), asana (body postures and exercises), pranayama (breathing techniques), mindfulness-enhancing meditation, yoga nidra (a technique of deep relaxation and sensory withdrawal) and the practical lifestyle attitudes and mental techniques of yama and niyama.

You will get a solid base for a daily home practice that’s simple and sustainable to help you through your day with more ease, control, awareness and joy. Suitable for all levels.

Venue: Satyananda Yoga Centre London, 70 Thurleigh Road, SW12 8UD

Cost: 6-week course = £60 per person

To book: Please write to to book your place or to discuss first, call Mahesh on 07518 040990.


Room to Let

Living in a yoga centre - room available at SYC London
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Christmas holidays hours

SYC London will be closed from Thursday 20th December 2018 and opening again on Monday 7th Jan 2019.

Teachers wanted

Interested in running a class, course or workshop at Satyananda Centre London? Contact Swami Pragyamurti on 020 8673 4869