We offer weekly yoga classes for all levels. We encourage regular class attendance, especially for beginners to ensure you have a good foundation in yoga. Our emphasis is more towards a meditative approach and the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Each class includes yoga postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama),  and deep relaxation (yoga nidra) or meditation, appropriate to the level of the class.

Our yoga rooms are warm, carpeted and comfortable. Blankets are provided. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Do not eat for at least 2 hours before the class. Cost is £10 per class or £8 if you attend regularly.

Class times last updated on 7 February 2016 



6.00-7.20pm | Gentle Yoga
with Lilamurti

7.30-9.00pm | Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Meditation (starting 18 January 2016)
Yoga is mindfulness. Being mindful in action and thought begins with the physical body and everyday activity. We will explore our capacity to become aware, to experience the inner witness through movement and postures, breath, the technique of yoga nidra and sitting meditation. Please note, advance full course booking only. (If after the first class you decide this is not for you, a full refund will be given.) £54 for six weeks.
with Brahmananda | send email

7.30-9.00pm | Intermediate
Focus on chakras and meditation.
with Swami Pragyamurti


6.00 – 7.15pm | Pregnancy Yoga (continuing 23 February 2016) 
Gentle practices to support you through each stage of your pregnancy. £50 for 5 weeks.
with Katyayani | send email

7.30-9.00pm | Foundation practices (continuing 23 Feb 2016)
Laying the foundations for mindful practice of posture, breath and meditation. Suitable for beginners and first year students. £50 for 5 weeks.
with Katyayani | send email

7.30-9.00pm | Lower intermediate
with Amritananda | send email



6.15-7.15pm | Beginners
with Swami Nirmal

7.30-9.00pm | Intermediate/Experienced
with Swami Nirmal

7.30-9.00pm | Experienced
Working with the Tattwas
with Swami Pragyamurti



10.45am-12.15pm* |  Experienced/Teachers
Tattwa Shuddhi preparation
with Swami Pragyamurti

6.00-7.20pm | Beginners
A new course starting January 2016
with Prana

7.30-9.00pm | Home Practice Course
Click here for details. 21 January to 10 March
with Mahesh

7.30-9.00pm | Experienced/Teachers
Continuing deeper practices of Swami Satyananda
with Swami Pragyamurti



10.30am-12.00pm* | Intermediate
with Yagnamurti

1.30-3.00pm | Experienced/Teachers
Deep and easy asanas, plenty of meditation
with Swami Pragyamurti

7.30-9.00pm | Kirtan on the last Friday of the month
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra chanted 108 times for relief of suffering, followed by Kirtan (joyful chanting). Free of charge, all welcome.

* Local parking restrictions apply until 10.30am and are enforced right up to this time