with Swami Satvikanananda

Saturday 23rd September at 8:30am

at the Satyananada Centre in Surrey:

The Yoga Room, Otterbourne House, Chobham Road, Ottershaw, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0QF

£45 p.p.

The Autumn practices of  ‘Shankhaprakshalana , Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana, Kunjal & Jala Neti’ are an important part of yoga practice but must never be done without guidance. It is suitable for both yoga teachers and those Yogis and Yoginis who aren’t teachers but who want to experience the power of these practices and which should be done twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn.

If you have never done Shankhaprakshalana before then you will only be able to do the short practice of Lahgoo.  You do need to make Swami Satvikananda aware of any medical conditions before booking and if you wish to perform Full Shankhaprakshalana then you must undertake to keep to the strict diet necessary for a month after the practice.  No such diet is needed for Laghoo.

The day will start at promptly 8.30am.  You should be at The Yoga Room by 8.00am at the latest and MUST NOT eat anything beforehand.  The designated asanas will be performed plus the practices of Shankhaprakshalana or Laghoo followed by Kunjal and Jala Neti.  A rest needs to follow before eating a bowl of kitcheree which will be provided.

The asanas that you need to perform are simple and you will be given a handout before you come for the day and a diet sheet will also be emailed to you if you are doing the full Shankhaprakshalana.

If you don’t have a Jala Neti Lota and need to purchase one on the day please make it known at the time of booking.  Don’t hesitate to ring Swami Satvikananda on 01932 872587 if you need to know more or to book for the day.

The cost of this day has not gone up and is still £45.00.  Booking essential – places for 12 people only.

To book and for more information please email Satvikananda on email or leave a message on her landline number 01932 872587.


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