Nada Yoga Workshops with Mahesh

Experience the power of sound on your mind, body, emotions and energy.

9AM to 4PM

Module 1: 22 April

Module 2: 6 May and 27 May

Whether you wish to increase your ability to still the mind for meditation, get a hands-on, powerful technique to stimulate the chakras, see how the vibration of your own voice can be used to enhance your existing yoga practice, or are simply curious about a lesser-known branch of yoga that’s hard to find in a busy Western city setting, the three-module Nada Yoga workshop might be just what you’re looking for.

In three progressive phases you will be guided through practices that will show you how to utilise your own voice to get into a deep state of relaxation, concentration, mental clarity and peace.
If you’re new to meditation, this is an excellent way to begin; if you’re already practising, it will deepen your experience.

In the first module you will learn the most basic ways to practise Swara Sadhana, a meditative technique utilising the seven notes of the scale in constantly changing patterns, where the sound becomes a fixed yet constantly flowing object of meditation.

In the second one we will explore the effect of several Indian scales and further ways to work with the notes. You will also learn the connection between the sounds and the eight energy centres along the body framework: the seven chakras plus Bindu.

In the third module we will go in depth into chakra work, including their respective mantras as well as other powerful mantras to speed up the process of your personal evolution and inner harmonisation.

A full dose of yoga will be given: asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and additional meditative techniques are all included. To support your regular home practice, you will be given access to recordings of practices on SoundCloud and basic guidance so that the expansive experience doesn’t stay confined to one or two days but carries over into your daily life.
This workshop will teach you the basics and prepare you for more advanced uses of sound in meditation later on.
Places are limited; book early to avoid disappointment.

Contribution: £45 pp

Contact me for further details. Also visit my website for fresh updates and to learn about my events outside the SYC. Alternatively, you can call me on 07518 040990.


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