with Mahesh

Classes very Monday 7:15 – 8:30 PM, starting 10 July.

Walk-in possible, regular attendance encouraged.

£15 per class or £50 for a set of four

This is a new series of regular mini-workshops on nada yoga and mantra, where mantra will be taught in great depth with an emphasis on correct pronunciation. We will:

  • go through each of the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet
  • explore a variety of different practices of mantra such as japa (repetition), simple Vedic chanting, bhajan and kirtan (musical rendition of mantras), stotra and stuti (longer strings of mantras for specific uses), gayatri mantras for every day and more.
  • each session will be recorded and students will be given access to recordings together with advice on home practice
  • necessary theoretical background will be given
  • along with mantra, other nada yoga practices will be included such as swara sadhana (meditative use of the musical scale)

Although the classes are on a walk-in basis and there will be some revision, regular attendance is highly recommended due to the variety of practices and the gradual progression of their stages.

To book your place, write to mahesh.yoga@protonmail.com, or visit my website where you can also read more about the practices used.

The course will run until 18 September 2017.


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