Living in a Yoga Centre – Room to Let

by Krishnadhyanam

satyananda yoga centre london garden


My first visit to the Satyananda Yoga Centre London was around 1995. A yoga student friend of mine, who had attended Sw. Pragyamurti’s HIV class knew I enjoyed singing so invited me to kirtan on a Friday evening.

Little did I know, as I was walked into the house of a rather strange looking woman dressed all in orange with a shaven head, that within a matter of weeks I would be living there. Not only that, but that it would become my home (on and off) for the next 23 years and that it would provide the direction for the rest of my life.

I now spend half my year in India, continuing my nada yoga path and learning Dhrupad singing with Gundecha Brothers in Bhopal, so there is a vacancy in the house for a new resident. For this reason, I wanted to share my experiences, perhaps to encourage a new resident to join.

guru purnima day 2

When I first moved into Thurleigh Road, Balham, I found myself, a gentle air sign Gemini, living with three strong fire-sign women. I lasted for about a year and a half! I then moved back north of the river to recover. However, I continued going there for classes and I eventually moved back when I started my yoga teacher training, in 2000.

There haven’t been that many changes over the years. The centre continues to provide yoga classes every day, just as it always has done for the last forty years, under the direction of Swami Pragyamurti. However, the centre is a quieter, more gentle place these days.

It is an ideal place for someone interested in yoga, someone willing to help around the house and the centre duties, such as answering the phone, opening the door to students, and some light housework and gardening – no more than the average contribution to a shared house.

While there’s the advantage of the activities of a dedicated yoga centre, being into yoga is not essential. A simple respect for the energy of the place and its schedule, such as evening classes and occasionally, weekend workshops, would suffice.

It’s a very special place. Pragyamurti, like all of us, is getting older and would really appreciate having someone around rather than being on her own, especially for the winter months.

I will be leaving mid-November and returning at the beginning of April.  Before I go I would happily share more details about living here with anyone who might be looking for a warm, comfortable room in a rather remarkable place to live.

You can phone me on 07905 534217 or email



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