Yoga Nidra Training Course 2019

Conducted by Swami Nirmal and Sannyasi Yagnamurti

Starting 26th January 2019

Aims of the course

  • To offer a systematic, well-structured course on Yoga Nidra that gives a sound basis for teachers to teach it responsibly and effectively
  • To give teachers the opportunity to fully discover, explore and experience the development of the practice of Yoga Nidra for themselves
  • To enable qualified yoga teachers to deliver Yoga Nidra practice which is appropriate to their student


  • To experience the Satyananda Yoga approach to Yoga Nidra
  • To understand the theory and science underlying Yoga Nidra and its eight stages
  • To explore the potential use of Yoga Nidra with a variety of student groups
  • To understand Yoga Nidra within the context of Raja Yoga


The course is open to fully qualified and active yoga teachers. You would be expected to also have at least six months experience of practising yoga nidra yourself.
The course is limited to 12 participants only.

Course Requirements

  • Attend all scheduled day sessions
  • Do all daily practices set by teachers
  • Complete home study assignments as required
  • Students are also advised to try and attend a Satyananda Yoga class if possible


One day per month for six months totalling 39 contact hours.

Each day will be from 9am − 5pm. Homework will comprise three to five hours in between monthly sessions and daily practice of Yoga Nidra during the course.



Saturday 26th January 2019

Saturday 23rd February

Saturday 23rd March

Saturday 27th April

Saturday 25th May

Saturday 22 June


Venue: SYC London, 70 Thurleigh Road, London SW12 8UD

Please download and read the full course brochure before considering an application:



After my first visit to the Satyananda Yoga Centre, I knew that I wanted to learn Yoga Nidra from this school of yoga.  For six months, we gradually learnt and understood this beautiful deep relaxation and meditation practice.  All through this study period I felt 100% supported, reassured and encouraged by the teachers and by the programme.  Homework helped us to try our new skills on our students and if we needed support, Yagnamurti, Brahmananda or Katyayani were always available to help us through questions and this, sometimes, difficult journey.  This course offered the ability to give something very precious and invaluable to anyone who wants a true life-changing experience.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to seriously study Yoga Nidra and its effects.
– Laurent Roure


I found the Yoga Nidra course quite a game changer, both professionally and personally… you will never stop appreciating the benefits of Yoga Nidra and will continue learning.  Enjoy.
– Mary Lou Watson


For more information or queries please contact Yagnamurti on

Teachers wanted

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