Pranayama Sadhana Course – 10 Week Course, London

Conducted by Sannyasi Brahmananda

Course dates

20th April 2017 – 22nd June 2017
Every Thursday 7:30pm – 9pm

Course details

  • This ten-week course will move systematically from pre-pranayama practices through to the development of the classical practices of Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi and Bhramari. Prana is life and pranayama is the control and expansion of prana, without which the body or indeed anything, would live.
  • Classes are 90 minutes, and will include mantra and asana, but most of the time will be dedicated to pranayama practice to establish techniques and a deepening of experience.
  • Initial techniques to develop capacity, strength and control in the breath will be practiced, including yogic breathing, lesser known and advanced pranayama mudras, and the classical development of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama and steady development of breath retention (kumbhaka)
  • This course will be suitable for both beginner students who have had some experience of establishing a comfortable and steady sitting posture and those with more experience who wish to practice systematically and follow a set sadhana (practice).
  • Week by week sadhana (practice) will be given with support and guidance throughout. The course will cover general guidelines and considerations in the practice of pranayama and ensure a safe, systematic and energy transforming practice of pranayama.
  • A willingness to practice for at least 30 minutes daily at home is essential, ideally more, without this steady progress in pranayama is very difficult so please consider this carefully before applying. Practicing once a week is simply not enough. How the course progresses will depend entirely on the regularity of your practice. The ability to sit comfortably still for 20 minutes or so will also be beneficial, hence some previous experience would be useful.


Course Venue

Satyananda Yoga Centre, 70 Thurleigh Road, London, SW12 8UD


Cost is £150 for all classes, home practice sadhana and guidance.

Course is bookable and payable in full in advance only. There will be no drop in. If the cost is beyond your means and you would really like to attend, then please contact to discuss concessions.

If interested, please write to Brahmananda at:



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