Pranayama Breathwork Course, London

Conducted by Sannyasi Brahmananda

When:  Mondays, 7:30pm – 9pm
Starting Monday 21st January to 18th March 2019


Course details

  • Suitable for all levels including absolute beginners
  • 9-week course moving systematically through pranayama (breathwork) and breathing techniques
  • Space is limited to 12 people
  • The course will cover:
    • Natural breath awareness
    • Mechanics of breathing
    • Three-part breath
    • Viloma Pranayama – reversed or stepped breathing
    • Abdominal and thoracic breathing
    • Complete Breathing or Yogic breath
    • Equalising of the breath
    • Hasta Mudra Pranayama – hand mudra sensitizing pranayama sequence
    • Extending exhalation
    • Breath balancing
    • Nadi Shodhana up to a 1:2 ratio of breathing
    • Bhramari (humming bee breath)

The class will also include simple asana practice, mantra chanting and some sound making in relation to pranayama. We will discuss the practices and weekly practice will be given. What you learn in this course you can then go and repeat in your own time over a period of at least three months to gain fuller and deeper experience of the practices.

This is a sadhana course. You will be given a weekly systematically developed home practice to follow. An approximate minimum of 30 minutes daily home practice will be required. Ideally in the morning, but this is flexible and it needs to fit with your life situation and schedule.

The aim is that by the end of the course you will be empowered by your personal experience and in a position to continue independently. Practicing once a week is simply not enough if you actually want to sustain anything. So, please consider this before applying as if you don’t do the home practice or are not able to, then you will be wasting the opportunity and your money.

Support and guidance will be given throughout as required. General guidelines in the practice of pranayama and safe, systematic practice of pranayama will be covered.


Course Venue

Satyananda Yoga Centre, 70 Thurleigh Road, London, SW12 8UD


Cost is £135 for all classes, home practice sadhana and guidance.

Course is bookable and payable in full in advance only. There will be no drop in. If the cost is beyond your means and you would really like to attend, then please contact to discuss concessions.

If interested and to book please email Brahmananda at:


Teachers wanted

Interested in running a class, course or workshop at Satyananda Centre London? Contact Swami Pragyamurti on 020 8673 4869


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