Yoga for Deep Relaxation and Sleep


Thursdays 7:30PM – 9:00PM
Starting 21 March 2019
£12 / person if paid on the day
£10 / person if prepaid for a month in advance


These sessions will transform your understanding and experience of relaxation. While especially useful for those experiencing fatigue and/or difficulties sleeping, the practices covered will also improve your ability to focus, your memory, and mental and emotional resilience.

The sessions will include mantra chanting, balancing and tranquillising pranayamas (breathwork techniques), practices of concentration and sensory withdrawal (trataka and ajapa japa) as well as asanas selected for their ability to easily release energy blocks manifesting as mental and emotional tension.

While regular attendance is highly recommended, it is not a requirement for participation.

To book or for any queries contact Mahesh:


Teachers wanted

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