As well as classes and weekend workshops, our teachers run courses for students who want to deepen their experience of particular areas of yoga.

Use the dropdown menu on the Courses tab to see the list of courses running right now.

Some courses are held outside the centre, so please keep this in mind when booking.

If you have questions about a course, please contact the teacher running it.

We currently offer the following courses:



April to September 2017
Yoga Nidra training course 2017
With Swami Vedantananda

16 September 2017
Shankhaprakshalana in Surrey
With Swami Satvikananda


Programmes for 2017
A message for teachers
From Swami Pragyamurti

Weekend Events 2017

Empower Yourself and Help the World
One day course - book now

From Swami Pragyamurti
Nada Yoga - the Yoga of Sound
One day workshops - book now

with Mahesh