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The London Satyananda Yoga Centre
Yoga and Meditation in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga

Weekend & IST Events

About weekend events

Weekend Events are for students and teachers, across a range of topics and levels.

IST events (7.5 CPD points) are for qualified yoga teachers only. Yoga Teachers must complete at least 15 CPD points each year.

Cost is £35 for day programmes, £75 for weekends unless otherwise stated.  If you have difficulty paying for an event, please contact us as we do not wish to exclude students from Yoga programmes because of the cost.

Please bring vegetarian lunch to share [except for Shankhaprakshalana]...

...and arrive 15 minutes early for a prompt start. Day programmes are 9am to 5pm, weekends from 9am Saturday to 3pm Sunday.

How to apply

Please download, print and complete an application form (PDF format). If you are applying for an In-Service Training day (IST) remember to include your BWY Membership number.

Please include full payment (no deposits), postal order or cheque drawn on a UK sterling bank account, payable to Satyananda Yoga Centre (London).

An application does not guarantee a place on any event.

If you have difficulty paying for a weekend event, please contact us as we do not wish to exclude students from Yoga programmes because of the cost.

Shankhaprakshalana (cleansing the digestive tract)

3 & 10 September 2011

This is a wonderful practice with many benefits. It is especially good for alleviating many digestive problems and purifies both the physical and energy body. It involves drinking many rounds of warm, saline water and practising a series of postures to move the water through the digestive system. It is followed by kunjal (regurgitation of water) and neti (nasal cleansing).

After doing the full practice (poorna) you must follow a strict diet for one month. A shorter practice (laghoo) is also an option where there are no dietary restrictions.

Please download and read all the attached information BEFORE applying. To apply download and complete the application form and return it to the yoga centre with full payment. Cost £35.

Please note advance booking and full payment is essential, this practice is not held at the London Centre.

Application form»
Important pre-practice information»
Informative article»



Tattwa Shuddhi - Residential Weekend

22-23 October 2011

This residential weekend is for those who have regularly attended a weekly class on the Tattwas (see timetable page for more details).

with Swami Pragyamurti


The Wisdom of the Upanishads – ISTD

Saturday 12 November 2011

The day will consist of reading texts, exploring the Koshas, working with the Vayus (the different pranas), visualisation, chanting and writing of Mantras.

with Jivanmukta


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