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The London Satyananda Yoga Centre
Yoga and Meditation in the tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga

NEW Boxed Set of Four Audio CDs

Panch Tattwa Dharana

Meditations on the Five Elements

Prithvi Earth • Apas Water • Agni Fire • Vayu Air • Akasha Space

with Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati

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Sixteen minute meditation on Agni Tattwa (fire element), done lying down in shavasana (CD2, track 3)

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To order by post from the London Satyananda Centre, please click here to download a printable order form. Print and complete the order form and send it with a cheque/PO in pounds sterling (full payment and address details are on the form). Orders are usually despatched within 7-10 days of order receipt.






About these recordings

These are live recordings made during a weekend yoga retreat at Sneaton Castle (Whitby) in September 2006. Whilst every effort has been made to remove extraneous sounds, there is the occasional cough or nature sound, but this does not detract from the impact of these memorable recordings.

Booklet, 4 CDs and box

The Elements

In the yogic tradition the five elements (panch tattwa) represent aspects of our creation and evolution. These elements exist in similar form in many traditions such as Chinese Philosophy (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), Hippocratic Medicine (black bile, phlegm, yellow bile, blood) and Alchemy (earth, water, fire, air, æther).

The practices offered in ths 4 CD set work with the five elements and their associated chakras, physical senses, mantras and yantras (symbols) in a structured and accessible way, from the gross tangible Prithvi (Earth) up to the subtle insensible Akasha (Space). There are specific practices for each tattwa, culminating in a yoga nidra which incorporates all five elements.

In the final practice of tratak you can use the tattwa yantras printed in this booklet, either for your zodiac sign (see the table opposite) or for a tattwa that you are working with in your daily sadhana.

To find out more about the Tattwas

Sign up for our FREE eNewsletter, and the November 2006 issue has a Tattwa theme, including an exclusive Q&A with Swami Pragyamurti plus other articles and news.

Disc 1 (73'55")
1. Introduction to the Tattwas (11'00")
2. Prithvi Tattwa - lying down (19'44")
3. Prithvi Tattwa - sitting (18'47")
4. Introduction to Apas Tattwa (3'48")
5. Apas Tattwa - lying down (20'35")

Disc 2 (67'21")
1. Apas Tattwa - sitting (23'20")
2. Introduction to Agni Tattwa (1'56")
3. Agni Tattwa - lying down (16'30")
4. Agni Tattwa - sitting (25'33")

Disc 3 (63'33")
1. Vayu Tattwa - lying down (15'22")
2. Vayu Tattwa - sitting (24'19")
3. Introduction to Akasha Tattwa (5'52")
4. Akasha Tattwa - lying down (17'59")

Disc 4 (73'19")
1. Akasha Tattwa - sitting (27'07")
2. Intro to Yoga Nidra & Tratak (1'20")
3. Yoga Nidra with Tattwa Yantras (30'33")
4. Tratak on the Tattwa Yantras (14'20")
You can use the Tattwa Yantras in the accompanying booklet for Tratak.


Voice :: Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati

Design & Production :: Nadarupa

Recording :: Tapasvi


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